COAST P17 Flashlight.  

I'm no longer selling this flashlight, but I still recommend it.  You can purchase it from Amazon.  

Coast LED P17 Flashlight.

This is by far the best flashlight in the market for any patrol officer.  The P17 is packed with 195 Lumens and a range of 1150 feet.  Standing at one end of the block, it will illuminate the end of the street block.  The only comparable flashlight in the market advertises a 90 second battery recharge.  A 90 seconds recharge is good, but compared to 696 hours of battery life for the P17, 90 seconds every other day is wasted time.  The light output of this 90 second rechargeable flashlight can't even compare to the light output of the P17.  The P17 is the same size as a standard issued Streamlight, but the P17 is approximately three times brighter with a longer battery life.

One of the major advantages this light has over the other lights in the market, is the advanced quick speed focus of the beam. When dealing with multiple subjects, the light can quickly be adjusted to flood rather than focus which illuminates all the subjects and the entire area of where they are located.


Why purchase the P17

1.  13 inches long / 2.1 inch head diameter.

2.  Aluminum body, slides in and out of the sap-pocket with ease.

3.  Advanced focus system.

4.  LED bulb that never needs replacing.

5.  Three step Quick-Cycle Switch.  Function-press for maximum light, click-1 high light, click-2 low light.

6.  696 hours of battery life.

7.  Uses three "D" size batteries for no-down recharging time (included with the flashlight).  Compatible with rechargeable "D" batteries for the environment (not included).


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